Can Business Use Social Media?

We hear plenty of business people asking that question – and it’s a valid one. Especially when most people’s impressions of social media are around friends letting each other know what they’re up to. You know, things like “Having a cup of coffee”, “Going shopping with the family”, “Wanna play a game (or share a photo)?”.Social Media Programs

There’s no doubt that a lot of social media is full of meaningless trivia – meaningless, that is, if you’re not involved in that particular relationship.

However, the other way to look at social media is that it is full of conversations – between friends, family, acquaintances & the like. Let’s face it, conversations are how we get to know each other – it’s how we build trust, reach understandings, raise awareness. So, given that all of these conversations are going on, the question is, are you a part of your customer’s conversations? And, if you are, do you know what they are saying about you (is it correct, fair, positive, etc)?

Well, unless you are actively engaged in social media, you are never going to know!

Everyone in business knows the value of “Word of mouth” advertising – where one person tells another and they pass that on to their friends & so on. Social media is “Word of Mouth” on steroids! With the right strategies & messages savvy businesses can make social media work just like word of mouth – on an unprecedented scale. But that doesn’t happen by accident.

The numbers are staggering – as of 2012 Facebook has over 1 billion users, 250 million of these access their Facebook profile every day! Twitter has 200 million plus users, LinkedIn has over 140 million business users, Google+ has over 200 million users. These numbers make the total population of Australia look miniscule and the best part is you can have access to these users (or a decent percentage of them) if you have an active social media presence that is well structured & professional.

And that’s where we come into your picture…..Social Media Options

Our services include:

  • Set up of Social media profile(s)
  • Development of strategies
  • Creation of comment content
  • Posting of content on scheduled basis
  • Online reputation management

We can take you from a zero position to success in less than 30 days – it just depends on your businesses needs. For less than $300.00 you could have your social media presence up and running. If you would like more information on our Social media solutions please use our contact form and put the word “Social Media” in the subject box and we’ll send you our free Social Media report which sets out, in plain easy to understand English, what you need to know to get up and running.