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Or you could be one of the many who are in for a rude surprise when you see someone else using your business name on the internet or discover that your website has other people's content on it!

It's a sad fact that far too many businesses have discovered to their cost that their online identity has been "Adopted" by another business or person. How does this happen? It's simple, under the rules of registration for a domain name (the name that is used by a business/person for their website) you do not have to prove that you have the legal right to use a name. If it's available (and you pay the registration fee) then it's yours! Even large corporations have made the mistake of not protecting their name online and then finding that they have to go through a long and expensive process to get it back – in some instances they have not been successful and have ended up having to register a name that is as close to their business name as possible.

The irony is that it costs so little to avoid this situation – for less than $200 you can not only protect your online identity but you can also start using your domain name as a legitimate email address!

We can do all of this for you in less than 48 hours.

There are also countless people who have had their website "Hacked" – sometimes with minor impacts such as swear words or religious comments inserted into the text, sometimes with disastrous results (like competitor information being displayed or, worse still, criminaLockedl intent to redirect people to other websites). Just do a Google search under the phrase "Website hacked" and see for yourself!

You can protect yourself form hackers – and that's where we come in. We can make sure that your site is more secure. You wouldn't leave your business premises unlocked so don't leave your website unprotected!

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