If You're Not Getting Ready To "Mobilise" Your Business – You're Getting Ready To Go Out Of Business!Mobile Marketing

You had better prepare yourself by sitting down (if you're not already)  – because what you are about to be shown will blow your mind!

In the mid 1990's business was shaken to its core by the introduction of the internet – that's about to happen all over again with the "Mobilising" of the internet

Think about it – the internet took time to get a real foothold in the community because people had never experienced anything quite like it before. They simply did not understand what it could & would do for them – 20 years on and people now understand what the internet can & does do for them. So, they want to be able to access it 24/7 – no matter where they are – and they can!

Thanks to today's smartphones and 3G & 4G high speed mobile connections, consumers are accessing the Internet all the time; from work, whilst shopping, going out with friends – even while watching TV at home!  The amount of data flowing across the airwaves is astounding and it’s growing at an intense rate.  For many people in Australia, their mobile internet connection has faster speeds than their home connection!

Simply put, if your business is not utilising mobile techniques & delivering information & online services geared to mobile devices, then you are missing out on huge amounts of potential business.

Here are a few quick facts for you to consider:

  • Around the globe today there are roughly 4 BILLION consumers already walking around with a mobile device every day.
  • Most people keep their mobile device within arm’s reach 24/7.  What does that mean?  You are within arm’s reach of both your customers AND their networks (through your active participation in social media!).
  • Google has stated that over 50% of their local search queries are coming from mobile devices.
  • By 2014, the use of mobile Internet usage is expected to surpass traditional desktop Internet usage. So the use of mobile marketing technology will be critical if you want to stay ahead of your competition.
  • 86% of smartphone users (this includes Ipad & other tablet devices with 3G/4G capability) access their devices whilst watching TV.

We can show you how your business can take advantage of this tidal wave of business opportunity.

To find out more about "Mobilising" your business just send us your details using the box below & we’ll send you our comprehensive report on mobile for business. OR, you could phone us & have a chat about how to “Mobilise” your business today!