Before you can do anything on the Internet with your Domain Name, you need a website and that website needs to have space on which to be held. That space is provided to you by your Web-host.

We have a range of web-hosting packages which are designed to provide you with the flexibility you are likely to need when establishing your own Internet presence.

Best of all, these packages start from as little as $19.95 per month!

From the most simple, single-user website hosting accounts right through to the most powerful dedicated-server solutions, our web hosting services are second to none when it comes to flexibility. EVERY package comes with FULL cgi-bin access and an account administration interface which is both simple to use and flexible.

All of our hosting packages utilise Unix servers, providing speed with security at affordable rates. For the technical minded out there, our server features include the following:

• PHP, Perl scripting
• mySQL with phpMyAdmin
• Frontpage extension support.
• CPanel/WHM control panel
• Auto responders and mail forwarders
• 24/7 online support

Why not make contact with us so that we can provide you with a hosting plan that specifically suits your needs?

Register your domain name
If you haven't yet registered your business name for the internet – referred to as a "Domain Name", we can help you with this. You can register your domain name right now simply by contacting us!

Or if you want advice on selecting and registering your domain name we're happy to provide that – at no charge!