Social Media is Word of Mouth on steroids!
Social Media is Word of Mouth on steroids!
Is Your Online Reputation Harming Your Business?

It used to be that managing your reputation was as straightforward as exceeding your customer’s expectations. If you were doing that consistently, “Word of mouth” did the rest for you. Well, that was before social media made it possible for people to have an audience of thousands!

Here’s the bad news…… most people won’t take the time or trouble to praise your business (unless you were so exceptionally good that it blew their socks off!) but they will take some time to tell as many people as possible when they believe that you have let them down – even if their expectations are unrealistic & even if they were totally unreasonable!

With so many social platforms to choose from, disgruntled customers (or staff or suppliers) have never had it so good when it comes to being able to publicly voice their opinion. Facebook, Google +, Twitter & LinkedIn are a few of the high profile social platforms but opinions aren’t just published there – there are also innumerable review sites like Yelp, Foursquare, Urbanspoon & Expedia and all of these are hungry for people to post reviews – good & bad.

Unless you have a proactive reputation management strategy in place here’s what is going to happen to your business – those people that are unhappy with you (for whatever reason) will go online & let the world know, whilst those that are happy with you might say nice things about you in person but are less likely to go online & make those feelings known.

So, your online reputation, over time, will go downhill. When people search for you or a business like yours & they see all these “Bad” reviews, what do you think they are going to do? Yes, that’s right, they will choose a business that has better reviews. Meanwhile, you’re sat there working harder & harder, trying to figure out why business is so bad!

You need an online reputation management strategy that allows you to present a truer picture of what the majority of people really think about you so that you can more positively influence their buying decisions.

And that’s where we come into your picture……

Our services include:


  • Set up of Social media profile(s)
  • Development of strategies
  • Creation of comment content
  • Posting of content on scheduled basis
  • Online reputation management

We can take you from a zero position to success in less than 30 days – it just depends on your businesses needs. For less than $500.00 you could have an effective online reputation management program up and running. If you would like more information on our solutions drop us a line by completing the form below and we’ll send you our free Online Reputation Management report which sets out, in plain easy to understand English, what you need to know to get up and running.