Remember the good old days? Ah, yes – we remember them well!
Those were the days when a local business owner knew that the core of their marketing needed to include the Yellow Pages, the local paper every now and then, perhaps some local letterbox drops &, if the budget was large enough, a smattering of local radio &/or TV.
Well, those days are gone…. For good!
So why are so many local businesses still employing these methods & wondering why their results aren’t where they should be?
Partly because old habits die hard – even when they’re not working – and partly because the alternative (the internet) is so intimidating.
The fact is, the world has changed &, whether we like it or not, we need to change with it. Your customers live in a different world to the one they lived in just ten years ago – they have more choices but less time & their expectations of the people they do business with have risen dramatically.
If you’re struggling to achieve the sort of results you used to, chances are that you are still trying to solve modern problems with “Old world” solutions.It’s time to “Get with it!” &, like any journey, you start with some first steps – one of which should be to use our FREE website check tool to see just where your website could be improved. To do that, just click on this – “Free Website Check”.
At least then you’ll have some accurate information to consider your next steps – & it won’t have cost you a cent!