With so many online options available to local businesses to promote themselves, it’s no wonder that there is so much confusion around what to do…… Of course, every business should have a website but then there’s decisions around what it should contain, how to get it in front of your customers (& potential customers), what keywords to include, how to optimise it for search engine rankings, does it need to be mobile friendly – the list is long (& getting longer)! We can simplify all of this for you!

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    Remember the good old days? Ah, yes – we remember them well! Those were the days when a local business owner knew that the core of their marketing needed to include the Yellow Pages, the local paper every now and then, perhaps some local letterbox drops &, if the budget was large enough, a smattering of local radio &/or TV. Well, those days are gone…. For good! So why are so many local businesses still employing these methods & wondering why their results aren’t where they should be?

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    How many new customers are you looking for – a few, ten, dozens, hundreds, thousands?? Having a viable, sustainable business is all about keeping your existing customers & attracting new ones – but you already know that (at least we hope you do)! Would it make your life any easier to be able to plug into a resource that could provide you with as many customers as you could handle – and then some? And would it be of interest if that resource was not only accessible but affordable?
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    Don’t you hate all those phone calls (& emails) trying to sell you some amazing service that’s going to put your website onto the first page of Google or explode your online business results? Some of those approaches are easier to deal with than others – but they all take time, time that you could be applying to something more productive. How would it be if we could provide you with a way to deal with each of these in 5 seconds flat – for less than the cost of a business lunch?
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    You have a website – maybe you’ve had it for a while, maybe it’s fairly new, no matter. The problem is, your website isn’t generating enough business. You keep hearing about the value of social media – especially Facebook & LinkedIn & you’ve been told that you should have a video clip on your website. Now you hear that your website needs to be “Mobile friendly” – whatever that means! Arrghh! What does all this mean? You know you need to be doing something but you’re not sure what & there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to go to get sensible advice on all of this – until now……
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The bottom line for most businesses is that they want their website to bring them more customers - & we're betting that you are the same, right?

You want your website to either:

  1. Keep your current customers happy & informed (& buying more from you) or;
  2. Attract new customers
Presently, that's probably not happening to the extent you need it to - the challenge is, how to turn that around & get your website doing the job you need it to!

We can show you precisely how to do this! ...Read more >