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    I get a lot of people wanting to talk to me about "Optimising" our website but I'm not really sure what that means

    You're not alone! Most businesses struggle with what optimisation is & what it involves - and that's because it can be quite a complex process.

    In a nutshell "Optimisation" (or SEO) is the process of making a website as appealing as possible to search engines (like Google, Bing & Yahoo!). The more attractive your website is to a search engine, the better your chances of being on the first page are.

    Whilst this used to be fairly straightforward it has become a lot more complex as the internet has grown & matured. There are, literally, dozens of factors that work towards a site's attractiveness - the main ones at present appear to be - Content (the information on the site), Frequency of site updates & new content being added, links to other sites (& other sites linking to yours), use of video on the site & keywords/phrases.

    If you want to see how your website "Scores" for some of these factors you should use our website check tool - you can find a link to the tool on our home page.

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    I'm happy with the way my current website looks but I don't seem to be getting much business from it. Can you help?

    Yes, we can. This is what we specialise in & is a very a very common situation. The good news is that we can remedy it for you. All we need from you is a bit of background information on what sort of business you want to generate from the website and we can then put together a program designed to get you exactly what you need. Use our contact page to send us a message so that we can get things moving for you - & don't worry about cost, our initial assessment is free & totally without obligation.

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    Why is it that my website doesn't appear on the first page of Google when I search for it?

    That's a great question and one we get asked all the time!

    The answer isn't a simple one though as there are many factors that contribute to the position of a website within Google (or any other search engine). Things such as your page title, the text on your home page and your meta tags (these are fields that human visitors cannot see but the search engines can) all contribute to how the search engines rate your site, along with how often the site is updated and how many other, relevant, sites you link to.

    Go to our Home page and click on the "Read more" link under the "Free Website Check" information - it will take you to our website check tool which will score your website for you to give you a much better idea of what search engines look for.

    Whilst we always recommend to our clients that they inform themselves of how this works we also recommend that they engage the services of professionals to actually do the work required as the things search engines are looking for change all the time and, if you get it wrong, you can find yourself "Blacklisted" for doing the wrong thing!

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    My business hasn't been going for all that long and we don't have a website as yet. What's involved in getting one up and running?

    We would recommend that you focus on just three steps:

    1. Decide on the name for your website (referred to as a domain name) and register this as soon as possible. Doing this ensures that you have the best chance of getting the name you want.

    2. Decide what it is that you want your website to do - be very disciplined here and have just one main function for the site (such as; to provide information or to generate sales or to source new customers, etc). Once you have made this decision, contact a web designer and talk to them about your requirements. Make sure that they understand your needs and that they can show you examples of websites that they have designed for others.

    3. Secure a webhost for your website. Your webhost provides the storage space for your website so that it is visible on the internet. Make sure that your webhost has been around for at least 3 years and has a 99% "Uptime" guarantee (this is the time that their servers will display your website online). You'll find that webhosts usually have a number of storage "Plans" available. Select the one that best suits what you need now. Don't worry too much about future growth for your website as this is easily taken care of as you need it - so only pay for what you need right now.

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    We have a website and are quite happy with it but one of my associates suggested that we should investigate "Ecommerce" - what would that involve?

    A website that is "Ecommerce" enabled is a website that is able to process orders and payments online.

    This requires a couple of things to be done:

    First, you need to make sure that your website and server are SSL certified - this is a security protocol that shows people your site is secure and is especially critical for payment processing.

    Second, you will need a place on your website where people can browse your products/services and select which they are interested in purchasing. This is often referred to as the shopping "Cart".

    Third, you will need to be able to process payments. This can be through your own merchant account (via a third party processing "Gateway") or through a third party such as Paypal.

    Most web designers can help you with putting all of this together. Why not use our contact form to send us an email - just put "Ecommerce" in the subject line and we'll send you our FREE report which details each of these three steps and a whole lot more.

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